Marvelous Expert Opinion: Most Popular High-End Kitchen Packages

By Sally K
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Hands down Viking kitchen packages are our most popular. We sell them all over the country. The company has a stellar reputation. Everyone wants Viking’s ranges. They build the rest of the kitchen around those, which is easy because they offer free dishwashers and microwaves with many packages. The brand is venerable, well-known, and American made, so it’s the first name on many customer’s lips.

Popular High-End Kitchen Packages

The other brand I have to mention is Monogram. We do consistently well with it. Again, its pure quality and can go head to head with other elite manufacturers. A lot of buyers like it because they know it’s part of the GE family, which of course, is a name they are comfortable with and have known for a long time. Price points span the gamut. You can get a Monogram package anywhere from around the $10k mark all the way up to $25,000.

Popular High-End Kitchen Packages

There are a lot of great packages to choose from and in many cases when you get to the higher end models there’s not a lot to choose from between them. Each company has its own nuances and things they specialize in. Dacor has pioneered a stainless steel interior, LED lighting, and clean air technology. The Modernist package as a whole is gaining a lot of traction.

Popular High-End Kitchen Packages

In the high-end bracket, I’ve seen a movement towards European brands, too, particularly in the big cities where buyers are often more open to overseas manufacturers. I’d have to say Fulgor Milano has been clocking up impressive sales recently. They are a top tier designer brand but with a more reasonable price point than some of its competitors. If you want something around the $10K mark and under this is the way to go. They look amazing and have many of the same features of higher-end models.

Popular High-End Kitchen Packages

As always, personal taste and budget play a huge role. One thing’s for sure. Whatever your need, Appliances Connection can help.

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